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Updated: Feb 13

Welcome to Website in a Wink, where websites are designed with LOVE!

You may ask yourself, what is a website?

A website is just like business card or brochure that can be viewed online. It can promote all of your business's services, products or messages to local consumers as well as gaining an exposure to a world wide audience.

Websites are just like carrying a business card in your pocket or purse only it's more detailed an online version. Your website can have so much more information about your business not just your contact details but much more detail for potential customers or clients to research or read up about what you offer.

Website design
Websites are just like Business Cards online more detailed

Please don't get me wrong, having a business card is still important as you never know when you will get started on an in depth conversation about what you do for work or what your business is offering or at networking groups there will always be that someone who will always ask for a business card. The problem is you can only give out one card at a time to the person in front of you where as a website can be dished out to anyone in the world searching for what you are selling by just searching that all important keyword !

Just like a business card a website can display all relevant details about you and your business but more -

  • what your business is all about

  • how long you have been in business

  • why you started your business

  • how you think the future of your business will help online consumers

  • contact details - Email, mobile and phone contact and address of store or suburb/state

  • A google map link with directions

  • photos of services or products

  • an online shop for customers to purchase goods and items

In the past, small business advertising and marketing cost was a small fortune for a slice of competition with brochures and promotions and not really knowing the outcome. Now, with the help of a website, the world is your oyster and your business can be easily searched from anywhere in the world giving small businesses a thriving chance to get a slice of the internet pie!

Websites can also be promoted via a more cost efficient method with Blogging and Social Media posts through Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram and more being important leads back to the website for more potential sales with valuable historical sales insights statistics and website hits, with sales analytics to review and develop new and more relevant promotions.

Usually a basic website starts with 3-5 pages for small businesses, or a scrolling one page website for individuals and can extend anywhere upto 20 web pages providing services, ecommerce shop online products or your inspirational message. Websites can be about business services and professional services offered, online shops, weddings & events, online resumes,self promotion to land your dream job, photography or artwork sites, mobile sites and more.

To get started all you have to do is provide all the necessary details - photo's, prices, content - about you and contact details (don't worry we will send you a form to complete) and with this we can whip up your website in a wink !

We recommend payment in full prior to starting to ensure the process is not slowed down in anyway. Checkout out our website prices and packages online or hire us by the the hour to create your own design. So you can feel more confident you are welcome to browse our portfolio of current and past clients and our 5 star feedback and reviews to know that we are genuine in making your dream a reality on the internet LIVE and FAST without compromising quality or time.

Browse the internet to find a website design that you feel is close to what you would like knowing it can't be copied we can give you a creative design with that look and feel only unique to you and your business. Choose your colours and fonts and we can provide you with some initial web design samples to ensure we are on the right track and once you send us approval in writing, by email or text we can get your website design process started and it could be LIVE in a wink well 24 hours - 48 hours (of course we will still do a little behind the scenes work to help you get your website exposed)

Choose your favourite style of FONT or we can download one you have chosen
Web Design Fonts

You can add a portfolio or gallery with a few images or 100's of images of past and present work, clients or products and even add an e-commerce store for instant online purchases to be made with delivery options or in store pickups. Now it is really important to provide good quality images for your website as blurry images can turn customers away not to mention Google turning up it's nose for quality guidelines. We recommend free images that can be used within the design while helping to give the photographer good exposure (no pun intended). As the images are free you may see them elsewhere on someone else's site too but you could alway use our favourite copyrighted photo websites, and many more these can be downloaded by individual purchase or subscription plans are available!

Adding a call to action button to encourage first time buyers to spend up by adding an irresistible offer or discount or by adding an email signup option. To ensure your buyer stay loyal to your business and encourage them to return, you can offer regular newsletters and monthly promotions.

You can't put all that on your business card !

That is something you can't offer in person without spending a fortune on marketing and delivery of print matter. When your website is LIVE you can easily blog regularly FREE.

What are Blogs ? Blogs are articles basically your website into more in depth detail.

This article you are reading is a BLOG from Website in a Wink !

Keeping your customers well informed of stories and updates and news of your services, products just another way to get your message out via Blogs!

Good News with your website design purchase you will automatically receive a Mobile Friendly site with your website design purchase so you can view your website in a smaller version and more Good News your website design adjusts sizing automatically so it can be viewed on Mobile Phones and Ipads - which is where most of us do our research or shopping these days.

Want to chat about a website ?

Just hop onto our Website - Live chat window, you can find it on any of the bottom of our web pages. We can answer some simple questions that we may not have thought of in the FAQS Frequently asked questions section of our website !

Feel free to email to arrange a time for us to meet and discuss your website 1st 1/2 hour free I love to chat ! Goto our Contact page to get in touch - Let's talk websites.

Sandy Andreopoulos - Web Designer

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