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Website in a Wink offers website designs and mobile site versions for new & local small business. We are based in West Lakes Adelaide South Australia - contact us to get started today ! 

why do I need a website ?

Websites are just like a brochure only on the internet. If you want to be found by customers in today's fast moving world you need a website.


'It's simple reach the world with a message or service or products'

why do I need a mobile site ?

The Statistics show customers do most of their research and browsing via mobile phone for products and services then usually shop and make a purchase from a desktop computer.  Google thinks you are pretty important if you have a Mobile Site.  Not only can you gain an edge over competitors Mobile Site's are even more important as most customers are browsing or researching prior to purchases of products or services.

why do I need social media or a blog ?

Social Media and Blogs are another form of communicating to your customers and it's a way that everyday people communicate from Engineers to stay at home Mums. Social networks are like octopus tentacles and not only helps share information with people they trust like friends, relations and work colleagues it's where customers do there window shopping and research before they buy or engage with you !


Using social media you can create a buzz and get your customers talking about your brand, products or services and the information will reach more potential buyers. The more Social Media accounts you have the more chance you will have of your customers finding you and getting hit's on your website and therefore sales !​

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