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1. How long will my website take to be live ?

A BASIC Web design takes 1 - 2 days

To speed up the process - supply your images, logo, colours and font choices, products or service information.


Not only can I be FAST but also very CREATIVE from a few emails or online chats - I can put together a website shell - based on your chosen colours, themes and styles. Then working together until you are totally happy and LAUNCHING your site LIVE!

Ecommerce sites and larger sites take a little more in the planning and menu structure and would ultimately take more time depending on the amount of content or product information. 

We are based in Adelaide and work remotely so you don't even have to leave your home or office which is where time can be saved.

2. Do I have to choose a Template design ?

You can choose from the fantastic range of WIX website templates and for only $300 we can tweak it and make it your story




Together we can get creative and build a unique website design (See Prices & Plans)

3. What if I don't have a business name registered OR domain name yet can you help ?

We recommend you register a business name in your state or Australia wide as a competitor could copy your website/service/product idea. 


It's a good idea to checkout the Australian governments 

Guide to starting a business

Read our Blog on 3 steps to choosing the right Domain

Once you are happy to go ahead try to match the website domain name you require and check if your website domain name has been taken on

 before registering a domain name 

 a little bit of planning can go a long way in finding the perfect business & matching website name and we can help ! 





AUSTRALIAN DOMAINS - AUDA.ORG have now allowed website owners to purchase .AU an Australia version of their domain names much like .UK for United Kingdom or .EU  European Union and more countries.  We highly recommend you purchase a .AU which makes you a domain authority of an Australian top level domain it shows you mean business - so grab it now !


Read on via this link and site

oh and don't forget to make a tea or coffee there is a lot of bedside reading to do !

"you can see for yourself try typing in you will see it still shows soon our website will show on searches as we just thought we would give everyone time to catch on to the new way of future searching in Australia using .AU for domains"

Already have a domain registered and don't quite understand ?

Call your domain registrar and they will support you through the process .AU registration process.

4. Can I get ongoing website support and what if I want to change something ?

Of course, if the changes are minimal or you have found an error we are happy to make the changes necessary upload one or two images at no charge.

Alternatively, if your changes require a considerable amount of work  we can offer Website maintenance & support for $50/hr.

5. What if my website stops working ?

           Ask yourself these questions

Is my Domain ( paid up to date ?

This is who you bought your domain with ie Godaddy and needs to be renewed annually

Is my Website hosting paid up to date with WIX?

This is your website design HOSTING package Ensure your Annual Hosting has been paid to WIX this also needs to be renewed annually.  This is where your website design images & content lives - we can help you with this one please check if your premium plan is paid uptodate prior to contacting us ! 

Make sure the renewal emails are not in your Junk folders and also keep your email address and details uptodate. Your account information would be on the invoice from when you 1st created an account. Feel Free to call us to investigate where the issue is - we want you to have a working website !

6. What is website Hosting ?

Website hosting is where your website design & content / Images are housed and requires renewing annually along with your domain.

If you have chosen the FREE or mini website package a domain will not be connected and there is no annual cost as it is on a shared server. 


Want a web design annual review and update, awesome we love doing Website design Audit & Reviews.  Only $300 which includes a suggestive report based on our views as a buyer and a website designer.

7. Do you offer an Email hosting package ?

Yes, we can incorporate a hosted email package into your website to receive emails direct from your website through a 3rd party our preferred is

Godaddy (Bonus plans can include Microsoft Office starter packs to professional business packs



we can easily connect to your GMAIL Account

8. How do I purchase and pay for a plan ?

Choose the plan you would like from the packages on the PRICES page and contact us after a small dicussion we can then send an invoice and once paid you can sign off you are happy to go ahead and then we can get creating.

Let's get creative ! Australian domain /au-domain-names
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