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  • customer contact info must be current

  • payment required upfront

  • credit card required for annual hosting renewal

  • shared hosting no domain name needed

  • read on to see our full terms & conditions

T's & C's

We have created these terms and conditions to protect your purchase and our business. Please take time to read through them prior to making your purchase so you can fully understand what to expect with our packages and service. and avoid aby dissappointments.


1.CONTACT INFORMATION The customer is to keep contact information up to date. We will not be held responsible if your account lapses and we have not been able to contact you.

2. CONTENT must be accurate and not fraudulently copyrighted. It is the customers responsibility to provide the uinformation within a 24-48 hour period unless otherwise agreed between both parties. The website purchase will be a set amount agreed on this provides you with a fully functional website with the understanding that once the website is LIVE future work will incur and hourly maintenance charge rate $50 /hour. Assistance and Support for DIY website options will be 1st hour free and then incur an hourly rate of $120/hour.

3. CUSTOMER HONESTY This is an Australian business and we are NOT familiar with taxes or regulations in other countries it would be the responsibility of the customer not to fraudulently avoid providing this information. Spamming or illiegal links or pornographic information will NOT be accepted and your account/website will be terminated immediately.

4. CHARGES & PAYMENTS Any charges incurred will be advised by email to the customer and the customer must confirm by email for approval that Website in a Wink may commence work. If this confirmation is not received within a reasonable time (24-48 hours) your website work may be sent to the end of the queue.

All payments for websites must paid in full prior to the work commencing. Any hourly maintenance work will be billed and also must be paid in full before the work commences. Travel time will be charged accordingly and will need to be paid prior to visit.

Monthly and Annual maintenance agreements will be paid using Direct Debits to the amount & date agreed and can be cancelled at any time with approriate notice. We will refund the portion of contract time not yet used.


5. REFUNDS must be in writing by email and will be refunded less 10% admin fee if work on the website has not yet commenced. If work has commenced we will take into consideration what time has been spent and deduct it from the total.

6. CANCELLATION must be in writing by email and would need to be done prior to work commencement and we will send you a confirmation to ensure the cancellation was correct.

7. DOMAIN NAME registration cannot be guaranteed that the name you require will be available. Renewal of the domain name & hosting will be the responsibilty of the customer.


"Website in a Wink" reserves the right to refuse or cancel a website, work in progress or account if any of the terms & conditions are not being met. We would however discuss these situations and our concerns and give full notice prior for a response in 7 days.


Website in a Wink understands there are circumstances that are unforseen and while we are understanding we hope you as our future customer will consider being honest and understanding too of errors and ommissions !


Website and prices subject to change without notice and all prices are in AUD$ with GST included in the price. Thankyou we look forward to your business !

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