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Manufacturing Website Template

Check out this Wix Website Template Mockup Example.

Website in a Wink customised this Wix Website Template Industrial Web Design theme and tweaked the design to be a professional and modern Steel Fabrication & Manufacturing Factory small business website.

The Wix Website Template chosen as a mockup example is FREE with NO hosting costs as it is on shared host. You can signup and change anything and everything the only downfall is the server resources may be heavy and Slower speeds during Peak times and there is no option to connect your domain.

Choose the FREE Website Template you want and start getting your website to look the way you want.  


Then when you are ready and more serious we recommend you purchase a Premium Plan for more Storage, Speed, extra Wix Features and Connect your Windfall is Wix / Godaddy provides you with a FREE .com Domain for the 1st year (you will need to renew Annually from the 2nd year and each year after).


If you like this Scrolling Styled Template let Website in a Wink customise the Wix template for you in a Wink.

The design is suited for a medium sized business website and this Design is priced at $895 for 1-7 pages premium package. Oh and the Windfall is you get to keep the Web Design

Let us choose a Premium Plan, Connect Your Domain (  and you will enjoy great speed improvement with more storage packed with more features.  Your Design will sit on a Premium Wix Server and this is known as Hosting. 

Another Windfallincluded in the Premium Design price is Hosting for the 1st year.

You will need to Renew Hosting for the 2nd Year an every year following.  We can only estimate the 2nd year and thereafter the Renewal will cost approximately $240 per year.  This Hosting needs to be renewed Annually to keep the Website LIVE.  

Pick a Theme from the great range of Wix Website Templates or let Website in a Wink customise your chosen Template us and we can add your Business Name, Content and Images and create your Website business story and your website will be LIVE in a Wink !

Coming Soon Page - tell the world your coming and build up some Hype while we build your website !

Click on the link to see more of this Mockup website:

Industrial & Manufacturing Website Theme

More serious ? 

Want to add a Domain ?

Click here to find out more about a PREMIUM Design plan Website Design packages, plans and prices and Let's Talk!

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