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Check out this small Local Business Website Design Website In A Wink designed it using a  Website Template and customised it for a small Local Manufacturer Industrial  themed web design. 

Wix Website Templates are FREE no need for a Domain Name & data is stored on a shared Server OR Choose our


suitable for small to medium business. Includes setup Website & Mobile design (5-7 pages) dedicated hosting includes Link domain name, setup email, Images and content to be supplied by customer,  Includes secure socket layer (https) Mobile website design and more...

Need a Coming Soon Page only $300 and in a Wink your website can be live !

Click on the link to see more of this sample template  Manufacturing website template.




Check out this Cool Wix Template web design. We used an Interior Designer Web Design Template and tweaked  it to be a Yoga exercise Studio themed Website.

Wix Website Templates are FREE no need for a Domain Name & data is stored on a shared Server.   

Its the perfect website starter plan and great entry level to learn to drive your own website!

We can help you add content and photos for $300 and in a Wink your website can be live !

OR Choose from one of our other value packed plans.

Click on the link to see more of this sample template  Yoga Themed Web Design.




Check out this Stylish Fashion Online Store designed with a Wix Website Template.  We designed it with the famous Sydney Bondi Bay in mind and created a Trendy Modern Online Fashion Boutique Store with a fun mockup business name  Bondi BAE Boutique.

Wix entry level website Templates are FREE no need for a Domain Name & data is stored on a shared Server OR for more Secure Website

Mini E-Commerce Website Plan              $ 6500

  • Includes setup Website design (5-7 pages) dedicated hosting Annual renewal plan 

  • Includes setup Social Media accounts Google Account & Mobile Phone

  • Includes domain and Link domain name, Includes secure socket layer (https)   

 Images supplied by customer, content your photos and product detail of 30 products. 

Tell them your coming for $300 we can setup a Coming Soon Page and get your Website Traffic moving to your site.

Click on the link to see the template

Fashion Store / Boutique Website Template.


Website In A Wink is currently undergoing some exciting new changes and we will be bringing you more amazing web design ideas and customised templates samples soon !

Why choose a Website Template ?

Website Templates are a great way start with your business ideas !  A Website template already has a backbone of what is needed in a good website structure. Website In A Wink will customised any Wix Template to suit any small business needs, design, colour themes, subject content and images.

Why choose a Wix Website Template ?

A Wix Template already has already done all the hard work with a carefully thought out web design with all the necessary pages designed to help your Customers and Google easily find you a lot faster !


Website In A Wink designers use the Wix Platform to design a website as it is a drag and drop what you see is what you get style Designer making it easy for the client to take over when the job is complete. Wix Websites are also packed with amazing features and add-ons to make your day to day life a lot easier.  Overall Wix Websites have so much more to offer !

Do the Website Templates include SEO optimisation ?

One of the best Wix features is an amazing SEO optimisation feature built into the Dashboard.

It even includes an Ai addon so all your Titles, Descriptions and Keywords are performed for you with the push of a button.

Do I have to choose a Wix Template Design ?

No, we can create a brand new Website for any small business and with your design ideas.


Checkout our Prices and Plans for more details.

Let's get creative !

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