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3 Steps to choosing the right Domain Name

Updated: Feb 27

Ok you have a plan, idea, business and you want to share it with the world ?

Website in a Wink have planned out 3 easy steps -

get you started to choosing the right Domain name.

If you want to go ahead and give it a go first, choosing a Business Name & or Domain Name is cheap and easy but a little planning goes a long way!

Of course if you need our help we love helping with the early stages of business naming, domain & brand setup.

We will help you to stand out in the crowd !
Flamingo Pink Hair - Stand out in the Crowd
stand out in the crowd - let us help you choose the right domain name or business name

We have loads of experience with small business inceptions & story telling and we would love to be a part of the creation of your baby.

Have your business name already let us add our creative twist & advise for successful and long lasting Business Domain & Branding.

Website in a Wink can create your Business Name, Business Domain and Brand for a cost as little as $100. A once of fee then it's all yours YES YOU OWN IT TO DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH IT !

To unleash our Business & Domain Naming creativity Let's Talk !


Read steps 1 & 2 first before registering Business Name or Domain Name!

1. How to Choosing the right Domain for your Business Name or Domain Name

Write down all your business ideas and your favourite business names or descriptive words you are thinking of choosing or maybe something you will use on your future marketing strategy.

Below are a few popular Business Name EXAMPLES you may be familiar with that have stood the test of time !

nicknames Macca's

family names T-Bone & Sons

colours Red Bull

food Apple

shapes Square

pop words Shazam

keywords Bank of South Australia

key phrases short or long Burger's are better at Hungry Jack's

trending topics Instagram

business names Google

Next, narrow down your list by crossing out the ones you don't think will work and get your friends, family and business acquaintenances to help they love to give an honest opinion.

Try to be unique when Choosing the right Domain Name for your Business Name and Domain Name it will help when you build your whole story and Business brand and choose a name to endure longevity, like will it still sound great after 10 or 20 years ?

2. Searching and Registering your Business Name

Now that you have chosen your business name you should search the Business Name Register

ASIC Register - Australian Securities & Investment Commission for your business name.

Register a Domain Name
Register a business name

Select the 'check business name availability' enter your business name

(for this example I have used Doodoo Bags) funnily enough it is available!

Australian Securities Investment Commission
ASIC Business Name Register

Sometimes your business name may be too close to other business names and it will return 'unavailable' and there are a whole lot of other reasons you may not be able to register so best to check ASIC as you don't want to cut someone else's lunch or be disappointed.

However, if your lucky enough - like my example

Doodoo Bags it will show 'is currently available'.

Now you can register your business name and ABN by following this helpful guide Register your business which is official and has been put together by the Australian Government.

3. Register your Domain name

Your Domain Name is only an Online Address for your business website.

(The Domain name is just like a letterbox and the other name you may be familiar with is Website Hosting - this holds the Website Design,images and information and will come later and is just like your parcel of land where your House will sit with all it's content and images.)

Choose from a range of DOMAIN Hosts


and so many more to choose from just search for 'Register a Domain Name'

Search for your chosen business name (be quick don't wait too long they get snapped up real quick) then Register your Domain name

The domain registration fee is around $18 - $30 per year depending on the company you choose to register with and it get's cheaper the more years you select.

We use the Wix Website Design Editor Platform to create our web designs and website templates - currently WIX offer

Get your own FREE domain via WIX.COM

Just purchase a Premium plan and get all your site essentials including a free domain name for 1 year.

Choose a Plan from our Website Packages Let's talk !

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